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As a pool owner, you are probably more than familiar with the importance of keeping your pool clean and it's likely that you know how pool cleaning can be a long and difficult process.  Once robotic pool cleaners were introduced to the market, pool maintenance finally became an easy task. Automatic pool cleaners save pool owners countless hours of pool cleaning so that they can spend more time in their pool and less time cleaning it.

There is nearly an unlimited number of benefits in owning a robotic pool cleaner. Here are just some of them:

  • Robotic pool cleaners are fully automatic. Their microprocessor controlled self-learning scanning program designed for superior cleaning.
  • Pool robots equipped with own pump and filter, which allows reducing wear and tear on your pool's filter system and adds another layer of filtration.
  • They clean all pool surfaces including floor, walls, and even stairs.
  • Automatic pool cleaners can save up to 50% on electricity and backwashing costs, and up to 30% on chemicals by using main pool filter less.

Robotic pool cleaners are great all around… until it's time to clean the filter bag. Just imagine how all the dirt and debris removed from your pool ends up in that filthy filter bag and now you need to clean it. If you ever try it, then you know how unpleasant this process is...

We have great news for you!

We want to introduce you ezPOOLBag – a disposable filter bag for your robotic pool cleaner. ezPOOLBag fits most automatic pool cleaners. Simply replace the original filter bag with the disposable ezPOOLBag, let your robot do the job, and when the bag is full, just throw it in the garbage. It’s that easy! No more washing the dirty bags - no more mess.

ezPOOLBags fits most automatic pool cleaners. The list of supported models includes, but is not limited to, the models listed below. If you do not see your pool robot in the list, please email us and we will let you know if ezPOOLBag will fits your automatic pool cleaner.

  • Aquabot/Aquaproducts (Aquajet, Aquamax, BearBot, Bravo, Junior, Jetmax, Pool Butler, Pool Rovers, Pool Demon, Robotech, Storm, Supreme, Tempo, Thunder, Turbo, Viva, Xtreme, XL, Ultramax)
  • iRobot (Verro 100, Verro 300, Verro 500)
  • Water Tech (Aquaclean, Aquamax, Blue Pearl, Blue Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Fury, Kleen-A-Tron)
  • Maytronics / Dolphin (Advantage, Diagnostic, Pro Diagnostic, Diagnostic Commander, Dynamic, Dynamic Plus, HD, Luminous, ProKleen, Supreme M4, Supreme M5, Magic, Wave, 2x2)
  • Pentair (Kreepy Krauly Prowler 710, Kreepy Krauly Prowler 720, Kreepy Krauly Prowler 730)


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